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These forms are designed to make the work process fast, effective and hassle-free as possible.  Please fill out the work details exactly how you would like them to be undertaken. Once done please check that it is complete, and send to us.

In some cases, we will quote you for the work requested and on acceptance of our quote, we will invoice you for 50% in advance to commission the workflow. On receipt of payment, the work will be undertaken as described in this form and, on the date, required. Please note that in these cases until payment is received your work will not be started.

If your deadline is unattainable or we need to query work content, we will contact you as a priority to explain why and collaborate with you to ascertain suitable solutions. Life Design and Life Solutions reserve the right to not accept work based on our available resources and time allocation.

Thank you for your business we appreciate you

Please complete this form for any new projects that do not involve web design/ development

Please complete this SiteMap following your consultation with us for WordPress website builds

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Please complete this form to comment on, and to request changes to any completed  or draft WordPress websites 


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