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Simple | Powerful | All Inclusive

Powerful easy to use GDPR Admin and CRM service that displays
beautifully as graphs and stats on the admin dashboard as you log in,
allowing you to take in your work situation in a few glances.
Links effortlessly to a front-end website login, or a new front-end website
that can be commissioned as part of your Sapphire pack.

Suitable for sole traders and companies/organisations of up to 1000 persons.

  • Arboriculture
  • Business
  • Charity
  • Development (includes Local Authorities)
  • Education

What can Sapphire give you?

Business Growth

See your website metrics from Google Analytics, Social Media and much more at a glance when you log in. Track growth, channel new traffic, observe news trends, get marketing ideas, trending hashtags and much more. All from your dashboard and simply yet elegantly presented. 


Clients Essential Information

Name, Phone, Mobile, Email, Address, GPS on map from your office. Accessible by client and admin with user permissions


Records & Docs

Upload PDF/Word, Work completed, Images etc. Accessible by client, team and contractors and admin with user permissions. Create user permissions for your whole team and contractors, giving access to the folders and files relevant to their roles, helping your business work more efficiently than ever before.



Work Commissioned, Invoices sent, Income, Balances outstanding, Client’s needs, Future Potential Projects, Project Calendar reminders for contacting client. Filing Emails and information securely, Export to QuickBooks and so much more


Messaging & Emails from Admin panel

Communicate with clients, contractors and your team from the panel using email and messages/notifications. Send Newsletters, hold video conferencing, webinars and more



TLS Secured, fast, powerful, GDPR Compliant System that allows your clients
access only to the information you wish them to see. Displayed professionally and branded to you

Web Design & Development, Hosting, Design, CMS, CRM and Online Growth

Life Changing! Our members love the new system for ease of use, massive range of options for them to use in their professional day to day work and its speed to load is lightning fast! Our productivity has increased ten fold as an organisation. We only wish we had found you sooner!

Mark Chester, The Consulting Arborist Society


Web Design & Development, Hosting, Design, CMS, CRM and Online Growth