We are a collaborative of consultants, designers, developers, animators and filmmakers who have a passion to help your business grow.

Because we emphasise your needs first we are able to customise our service and end products to most briefs we are given.

Delivering excellence and economy, the way that you need it.

Because one size NEVER fits all

All our Services are BESPOKE to your needs
We deliver sustainable results that match your needs.
Our collaborative has decades of industry professional experience with global corporations
Our Mission
To create and facilitate relational and exponential online growth through innovative design and new technology with integrity and excellence.
Our Vision
To be a significant local facilitator throughout regions and countries in the development of digital resources: bringing economical and social transformative growth through accessible technology and innovative design.
Life Design Group
Choose Us?

We focus our resources to your requirements using S.M.A.R.T assessment tools. We then match the outcomes to our professionals and create a timeline to deliver results…giving you a streamlined, powerful and competitive service.


+20 years professional development experience
+20 years professional design experience
+20 years professional audio experience
+20 years professional visual experience

Our Core Team facilitates the services our group of professionals provides and tracks our progress against our vision, values, and mission to ensure we stay client-centered, creative, professional and progressive in all our practice!