Life Design

Life Design was founded in 2016 with the express purpose of helping entrepreneurs and Organisations realise their digital potential through understanding opportunities, analysing trends, creating systems and opportunities that enhanced their calling.  This went very well and we grew into a digital agency year on year until VAT registration and formed the expression of Life Group  However, Life Design remained as a non VAT registered company and continued to focus on its roots. Today, we provide quality products, consulting, training and resources to help you catalyse growth, source opportunities and engage in meaningful digital transformation. 

Ways we can work together: 

Digital Consulting

Understand you workflow in a digital context
Engage with insights that show opportunity to grow sustainably
Implement strategic plans that are practical and clear

Google Grants

Let us help you obtain your Google Grant
(up to $10k/month spend on Google ads)
Develop an effective Google Grant strategy to support the growth of your organisation


Understand and reach your target communities online
Develop cost-effective sustainable digital strategies
Stay relevant and engaged without compromising your values

Digital Strategy

Understand the “River” strategy and watch your online presence rapidly grow
Engage with the ‘Building bricks’ principle and stay safe yet relevant
Develop the ‘Cellular modules’ and become a community or business that fosters online growth in every sphere

Digital Training

Online & in-person training for key leaders, organisations or event seminars
Targeted training courses on demand, including practical ‘how to.’
Support desk for responsive troubleshooting

Keynote Talks

Engage our experienced team to speak at your organisation, business or event
Book a speaker for a conference or event (typical events between 50-20,000)
On-demand and live online talks using Teams, Zoom or a platform of your choice for global reach with a local feel


Get in Touch

Interested? Have Questions? We would love to chat. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. We also offer up to 30 minutes for a free initial consultation, to answer your main questions and to see if we are going to be a good fit to work together.